“Dispelling the myth – our advisers most frequently asked questions”

QWho pays for your fancy office? Are fees going to be higher because of where you are?

Digby is committed to ensuring that our fees are always below the industry average.

QWhat if I am not comfortable coming all the way into the centre of Bristol to see you?

Digby associates can meet your requirements as to how you would like to “meet us” We are happy to visit your home, office or meet via a conference call such as zoom.

QWhat if I move to another part of the country and am to far away?

Geographically we have clients all over the UK and are happy to travel.

QAre you a one-man band? How do I know you won’t just disappear?

Digby Associates are part of one of the largest networks in the UK, called Quilter Financial Planning. The average age of a financial adviser in the UK is mid 50’s. However at Digby Associates we have more than 10 advisers with a wide age range. Not only does this mean we will always be around to look after you, but we will always be around to look after the next generation as well.

QWhy do I even need a financial adviser? Why would I pay your fees when I can just do it myself for free?

Our qualified advisers are not transactional, they will work closely with you on your financial journey. Yes, you can transact yourself however quality guidance can help ensure that you are not taking unnecessary risks or paying unnecessary tax.
The cost of getting it wrong far outweighs the saving of doing it yourself.

QWhat do I get for my ongoing servicing fee? What do I get to justify paying this ongoing charge?

You ongoing fee pays for the numerous services such as tax planning, fund performance analysis, switching of funds and the opportunity to pick up the phone whenever you need.

QI can get cheaper financial advice elsewhere.

Digby Associates might not the cheapest and yes, you can get cheaper financial advice elsewhere.
Our commitment is to be below the industry average whilst providing the very best level of service and client outcomes.

QI don’t want to invest in banks and oil companies. Can I choose what I don’t want to invest in?

We have a number of very strong investment processes to accommodate our clients as clearly not everyone is the same.
There has been a substantial increase in clients investing in ESG, ethical and green portfolios. During our initial discussions we would look to establish your desires surrounding your style of investing.

QI don’t want to be risky; do I have to be risky in order to invest?

Both at the beginning of the investment journey and throughout we will be analysing your attitude to risk and tolerance to loss. This will ensure we can manage your expectations whilst also making sure you do not invest outside of your comfort zone.

QWhat exactly is it that you do?

Our role is to ensure that you do not pay any unnecessary tax and you don’t run out of money. Recommending appropriate tax wrappers, investing and insuring appropriately will help us to help you, removing the emotion from your finances.

QHow do you know which funds to choose and which ones will perform better?

There are thousands of funds to choose from, we don’t pretend to be experts so we outsource this to Quilter who have huge resources and intellectual capital.
Their strict due diligence and ongoing monitoring gives us great confidence knowing that the funds we recommend have gone through such a robust process.

QHow do I know that you will look after me once the business has been done?

Ongoing reviews are at the heart of our business. All the advisers are focussed on working closely with their portfolio of clients. In addition, they are monitored on a monthly basis by senior management for the accuracy and quality of their reviews.

Remember that if you don’t feel you are getting value for money, then you can simply switch it off.